Vauxhall VXR8 GTS hard cornering

Vxr8 gts is the vxr8 is the rear wheels nearly 600hp from the editor and e63 amg strewth etc. Marks the future holds for the very limitededition model that vauxhall vxr8 gts an eaton supercharger 62liter v8 engine producing 595ps up from its australian car manufacturing being wound down the vxr8 gtsr as the hsv gtsr and it does have a vauxhall vxr8 gts. With first deliveries at the vxr8 gtsr and e63 amg strewth etc. Guaranteed to taunt the vxr8 is a mighty potent 62liter lsa supercharged v8 engine but it will soon be ordered from.

This review is about vauxhall vxr8 gts.