Top Gear preview – season 23 kicks off this Sunday

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Top Gear season 23 will kick off this Sunday at 8pm, marking the start of a new era for the revamped show as main hosts Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc replace Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

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The three ex-Top Gear presenters recently announced that their new Amazon Prime show would be called The Grand Tour, and it’s expected to be the new Top Gear’s biggest rival. It won’t air until the autumn, however, so Top Gear will be the first to set the agenda.

This weekend’s episode will feature a Dodge Viper ACR facing a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 at the home of Top Gun in Nevada, with Evans and Nürburgring expert Sabine Schmitz as drivers.

Le Blanc will also take an Ariel Nomad off road in Morocco, before facing Evans in a UK versus USA battle, and ex-Autocar staffer Chris Harris will also sample the new BMW M2.

Guests will include Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Evans, LeBlanc, Schmitz and Harris will also be joined by motoring journalist Rory Reid and F1 pundit Eddie Jordan on the new Top Gear presenting team. The Stig will return as the show’s faceless racing driver.

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