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Ever since there has been a Leon, there has been a warm version, and this, the new Leon Cupra, is the warmest series-production variant of the Leon yet.

Driver deliberately rammed into mum in violent road rage incident, Kirsty Greenman, 32, was left with horrific facial injuries after her red Audi A3 was hit side-on by a Seat Leon just as she was getting into it at around 3pm on September 20. She was rushed to. – News from

The Leon was the first C-segment hatchback the company produced under the stewardship of Volkswagen, which mooted the idea that the Spanish manufacturer would become the group’s youthful, dynamic brand.

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The first-gen Leon Cupra produced 177bhp

It hasn’t always quite managed that (cough, Altea XL, Toledo, cough), but in the Cupra versions of the Leon, there’s little denying that Seat has provided admirably fiery flagships.

Seat started identifying its performance models with the Cupra badge in 1999. Hot Cupra versions of the original Leon and the second-gen Ibiza were introduced that year, the former with 177bhp.

The latest is available with either three doors – badged ‘SC’ – or five doors, and in a couple of flavours: the 265 (with 261bhp) or in full-fat 280 form (with 276 imperial brake horsepower) – the latter of which is the only option in five-door Cupras.

That puts the new Cupra very near the top of the front-wheel-drive hatchback pile, an area patrolled by the not inconsiderable muscle of the Ford Focus ST, Renault Mégane RS 265 and, most shove-worthy of all, the Vauxhall Astra VXR.

Today’s new Cupra enters the hot hatch fray with even more grunt than the last Cupra R (it had 261bhp), leaving room for a future Cupra R to go even bigger. But it’d need to have more power than the 306bhp Holland-only Leon Cupra 310 special edition of 2008 in order to be the hottest Leon ever.

The job here is to see whether the Cupra will fit right in among its current competitors, or receive a thorough shoeing. Read on to find out.

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