New Vantage and Vanquish to follow Aston Martin DB11

Dec 22nd

The new Aston Martin DB11 kicks-off a product assault from the company that will see new versions of the Vantage and Vanquish spun off the same aluminium architecture.

The DB11 made its public debut in Geneva, and Aston has revealed to Autocar that more than 1400 orders have been placed for the new £154,900 V12-powered 2+2 GT. Around 500 of these came from VIP customer preview events, the same again from people who saw the leaked images online before the show, and around 400 from the show itself.

Following the DB11 will be a new Vantage sports car in late 2017, which should also usher in Mercedes V8 engines to the Aston line-up. A new Vanquish will follow the Vantage, although whether it will be a performance GT or a full-blown supercar is still being decided.

The Vantage and Vanquish will the built on developments of the firm’s new aluminium architecture.

Aston boss Andy Palmer also confirmed the DBX, which will be built in Wales, would be based on an a separate Aston-developed aluminium architecture and not from one sourced from another car maker. This model will be launched at the end of the decade.Around that time Aston will also launch a new luxury Lagonda saloon, giving the firm three distinct model lines.

Palmer said the DB11 was a significant car, as DB Astons define the brand. As such, it was important to usher in new perceptions about Aston.

“What we need is the perceptions to go away of old technology, old platforms, and the question of whether we can survive as an independent manufacturer,” he told Autocar. “Well, we’ve developed this as an independent company. It can be done. There are no excuses in the technology. We’re covered. We can be very special in the things we want to be, in design, the aluminium body, the aero and ride and handling.”

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