New Nissan Leaf battery to cost £4920

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Owners of the Nissan Leaf can buy a replacement battery for £4,920, Nissan UK has confirmed. 

Nissan Leaf owner charged $33,000 for a battery for his electric car, A Nissan Leaf owner has received a $33,000 bill to replace the battery in his electric car – even though it’s now only worth $12,000. Canberra engineer Phillip Carlson bought his fully-electric. – News from

The scheme, including a £1,000 cashback for their old battery, is aimed to provide Leaf owners with clarity on what would happen to their battery should it fail outside Nissan’s five-year, 60,000-mile warranty against battery capacity failure.

Paul O’Neill, EV manager for Nissan Motor GB, said “Nissan expects the majority of Leaf drivers will never need to replace their battery. The fact we have only replaced three batteries out of 30,000 Leafs sold across Europe since launch supports this.

“We are extremely confident in the longevity of our battery technology, but we are pleased to be able to provide further assurances to the growing community of Leaf drivers in the UK and dispel myths around battery pricing,” he said. 

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