Lexus LFA lease scheme canned

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American buyers can now purchase the Lexus LFA supercar outright, but only if they allow the dealer first right of refusal if they want to sell within the first two years.

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Lexus had previously only planned to allow US customers to lease the 200mph supercar to prevent buyers from keeping their LFAs as unused museum pieces, waiting to appreciate in value.

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It was also designed to fend off speculators buying the car and then selling it on almost immediately for a large profit.

Lexus is now offering the LFA for outright sale, but the owner has to sign an agreement giving the dealer the option to buy back the used LFA at either market value or at the original ‘as new’ price.

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If the owner sells the car within two years of purchase without giving the dealer that option, the owner must pay the difference between what the buyer originally paid for the car and what they sold it for, plus any legal fees.

Previously Lexus said after the two-year lease period had expired, the customer would be able to purchase their LFA for the outstanding amount, less leasing costs.

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Lexus’s US vice president for sales Brian Smith said last year that speculators buying and selling LFAs would be “damaging the ownership experience”.

“If someone buys it in the first month and then decides to sell it, that could be damaging for the ownership experience,” he added.

“If it is not controlled and hits the speculation market, all bets are off. We want people out driving the car and not parking it in a museum or selling it at an inflated price.”

The original two-year lease cost $300,000 (£187,950) and had to be paid up-front rather than in monthly instalments.

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