Geneva motor show 2010: Citroen Survolt sportscar concept

Dec 11th

This is the Citroen Survolt concept, which fuses the styling of the GT by Citroen and Revolte concepts.

It is described by Frederick Banzet, managing director of Citroen as “breathtaking proof of Citroen’s commitment to low emissions”.

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The all-electric sportscar is supermini sized.

Bertrand Dantec, design chief on the project, says that while most concepts are sketched 50 times, this one was drawn only once.

“Nobody really makes electric sports cars for the track,” he said, “so we thought why not?”

There are batteries mounted all over the car – including in the nose, along the tunnel and in the rear – and there’s a 200kW motor feeding the rear wheels. The company has made no performance claims as yet.

“We are looking into producing a limited run of these cars for a one-make race series,” says Dantec.

“I think it’s important that this car didn’t look like just another sports car. It had to have some of the softness and femininity of the Revolte, because I think it would appeal to a different kind of buyer than the usual sports car.”

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