Ford GT production extended by two years

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Production for the Ford GT has been extended by two years, meaning customers who didn’t get picked for a car the first time round have a second chance to apply.

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The first confirmed UK customers for the new GT have already been contacted by email to tell them their request to buy the car has been accepted. But with only 500 cars planned for production, thousands of global applicants were left unsuccessful.

Ford’s decision to extend production now means those customers and new ones can apply in a second order phase which will open in 2018. It also means that total production numbers for the GT will eventually grow to around 1000 units.

Heavy demand

In the first batch, a total of 6506 global orders were received for the model by the time order books closed in spring.

The email sent to successful applicants today stated: “Your passion for performance and for the Ford GT qualifies you to be among a small number of drivers selected for the opportunity to own a new Ford GT. We are thrilled to extend you this opportunity!”

These selected applicants were then able to confirm their orders. The first deliveries of cars are expected later in 2016.

Ford picks buyers based on responses to a questionnaire, with a preference given to prospective buyers who will drive the car regularly, rather than collectors who may not take it out on to the road.

Ford has already confirmed that production numbers of the new GT will be far fewer than that of the previous-generation GT, of which 4000 units were made. Global production will be limited to 250 units per year and fewer than 20 of those are tipped to reach the UK annually.

The launch of the GT online configurator is a likely source of some of the interest, although Ford has enjoyed a positive reaction to the car since its debut at the 2015 Detroit motor show.

The new car ditches its predecessor’s V8 engine in favour of a twin-turbo 3.5-litre Ecoboost V6. Ford claims a power output of more than 592bhp.

Prices are tipped to start at €500,000 (around £395,000) although Ford has yet to confirm this officially. Such pricing would put the new GT well above the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and McLaren 675LT.

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