Audi Sport Quattro “is ugly”

Nov 23rd

The designer of the iconic SWB Audi Sport Quattro of the 1980s has described the car as “bloody ugly”.

Peter Birtwhistle, now chief designer at Mazda Europe, said that the car was based on an Audi 80 and stretching the Quattro look over that was difficult. “Although it did what it needed to do, it looks awful,” he said.

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Only 200 special homologation versions of the volume produced Quattro coupe were made and featured a turbocharged 2.1-litre alloy engine. Its wheelbase was shortened by 290mm and bulging arches, vents and rear spoiler were added to make it instantly recognisable.

Audi recently revealed a new Quattro concept, which, based on a shortened RS5 platform, follows the spirit of the 1984 version.

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