All-new Audi V8 engine to be the last of its kind

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The all-new V8 designed by Audi for use in the wider VW Group may be the last of its kind, a company source has told Autocar.

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The source said another all-new V8 engine family is unlikely because of the shift in investment towards all-electric and hybrid powertrains planned for the future by Audi bosses.

The source said: “By 2025, the plan of Audi management is to have between 25% and 35% of Audi’s output as battery-electric vehicles.

“It would be very difficult to justify the huge investment in another new V8 because of the cost of developing electric drivetrains and battery packs. You have to ask what is the best use of investment money.”

The new V8 engine has just made its debut in diesel form in the Audi SQ7, where it is equipped with two conventional turbochargers and an electric ‘blower’ that spools the turbochargers up to operating speed regardless of the engine speed.

The engine will also be produced in petrol form for future Audi, Bentleyand Porschemodels.

The VW Group source said engineers are particularly pleased with the V8 diesel installation in the second-generation Porsche Panamera, describing the upcoming model as “really, really impressive”.

Global fuel economy regulations are putting pressure on the V8 engine as a concept. As a result, many car manufacturers are looking to downsize to V6 powertrains or even, in the case of Volvo, producing only four-cylinder engines and using hybrid electric drive to deliver extra performance when the driver wants it.

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