2016 Nissan Titan XD Review

Feb 11th

Surprisingly, the Nissan Titan has been in constant production since the 2004 model year. It’s the pickup market’s back marker; the 12,527 Titans sold in 2014 about equals how many F-series Ford produces every five days. No one thinks about it, no one talks about it, and few outside of its Canton, Mississippi, assembly plant would have missed the Titan if Nissan had humanely euthanized it.

But it lives. After nearly becoming a rebadged Ram in a Nissan-Chrysler joint venture that fell apart in 2009, a new, 2016 Titan is here to pursue the big-truck zeitgeist. Actually, it’s sort of two trucks. First, there’s the regular Titan that, to oversimplify the matter somewhat, is the new Titan body atop the old Titan frame. Then there’s this, the Titan XD, which has mostly new bits underneath and its own beefier ladder frame. According to Nissan, the XD slyly slots between half- and three-quarter-ton pickups.

“We’ve been able, with the Titan XD, to position the spring rates lower than what a three-quarter-ton truck would be,” explains Nissan’s Titan product planning titan, Richard Miller. “We’ve been able to offer a softer, more compliant ride while still offering 12,000 pounds of towing or more. And because of the softer springs, we’ve used hydraulic cab mounts, which take out what we call ‘smooth road shake.’ Much better than rubber cab mounts.”

So, call it a five-eighth-ton truck. But it’s otherwise familiar. It has a control-arm front suspension with coil springs, the tail rides atop leaf springs, and the steering is recirculating-ball. Conventional stuff. Complete review on www.caranddriver.com, by Car and Driver

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