2015 Kia Sedona Review

Dec 28th

As the minivan segment has matured, all-new entries have become increasingly rare as the Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler troika continue to dominate. Case in point: Kia is offering the only completely new minivan for 2015, and it’s the Korean brand’s first new vehicle of the type since 2006.

The 2015 Sedona is likely to find its way into the lives of more families this year—and not just those sidling up to the rental counter, where the old version often ended up, orphaned and unloved. That’s because the latest model is a massive departure from its predecessor in terms of design. Nine years ago, Kia’s aesthetics reminded us of creatures emerging from the primordial goo. Today, the entire brand looks very different, and from the Forte to the Optima, the Cadenza to the Sportage, Kia’s showrooms are full of handsome vehicles. The Sedona fits in and is arguably the best-looking minivan for sale today—although that’s not a hard contest to win. That said, there’s little frumpiness to the styling, with large wheels sitting nearly flush with the body, panel gaps that are tight, and a third-row window that tapers with a sense of drama foreign to the segment.

Overall, the interior design didn’t have us fawning, but the look mimics the clean lines of the exterior. And, aside from a few hard plastic pieces at the top of the instrument panel, the interior comes across as expensive—at least in the Limited model we tested. Two-tone leather seats, gloss-black trim, and thoughtfully designed gauges are all typically the purview of premium brands, yet here they are in a Kia minivan. The radio and HVAC controls are simple and intuitive, and the touch-screen navigation system works quickly and logically. We were slightly annoyed by the fixed console between the front seats, though, as it’s removable in most vans to allow for easier cleaning, additional storage opportunities, and passing through to the rear cabin.

Minivans aren’t purchased for their looks, though. What a minivan needs to do really well is haul humans and cargo. The Sedona’s cargo capacity maxes out at 142 cubic feet, which falls a little shy of the Toyota Sienna’s 150 cubic feet and the Honda Odyssey’s 149 cubic feet. Total space for passengers comes in at 158 cubic feet for the Sedona, versus 156 for the Sienna and 170 for the Odyssey. Complete review on www.caranddriver.com, by Marc Urbano

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