2015 GMC Canyon V-6 4×4 Crew Cab Review

Jan 12th

We know the new GMC Canyon is a small(er) pickup truck, which should make it a little cheaper to buy and operate, a little handier to maneuver in urban and suburban environments, and a little more sensible for use as daily transportation than full-size trucks. But it also provides an illustration of the elasticity of the word “small.”

Our impressions were based on a crew-cab Canyon with the short (62-inch) cargo bed, which checks in with a 128.3-inch wheelbase and at 212.4 inches long overall. With the biggest, 74-inch cargo bed, the wheelbase expands to 140.5 and overall length to 224.6, almost exactly as long as the long-wheelbase GMC Yukon XL full-size SUV.

We have indeed observed in other reports that the new Canyon and Colorado, its near-identical Chevrolet cousin, are wieldier around town than their bigger teammates. But if the Colorado and Canyon are not unwieldy, they’re not exactly handy, either. Getting the Canyon into and out of snug supermarket parking slots requires a little backing and filling—it’s rarely a one-move process—as the turning circle for our test truck is 41.3 feet.

Of course, none of the few still engaged in this area of the pickup-truck trade—Honda, Nissan, Toyota, General Motors—would seriously use a term such as “small” to describe their products. They’re mid-size trucks; it’s just that mid-size is now the low end of the scale and these personal trucks are not exactly wraiths. (At least until Hyundai’s Santa Cruz arrives.) Complete review on www.caranddriver.com, by Michael Simari

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