2013 Lexus LS600hL Hybrid Review

Nov 16th

The LS has been the premier sedan at Lexus ever since Toyota’s luxury division made its cheeky debut on German autobahns, a not-so-subtle challenge to the Audi-BMW-Mercedes establishment. That was almost a quarter-century ago, and the LS series has since evolved, expanding from the original LS400—a car that fortified its challenge with strong performance and beautiful craftsmanship—to a luxury sedan with multiple personalities.

For 2013, there are seven LS variations, depending on how you keep score, with the 600hL continuing to function as the flagship, sumptuously appointed and hybridized to salve the consciences of conspicuous consumers. It’s big, handsome, roomy, hedonistic, crackling with electronics and connectivity, and readily identifiable as a new Lexus offering, thanks to the so-called spindle grille that distinguishes the division’s latest styling ethos.

Enhanced aesthetic appeal or not, potential buyers likely will be wrestling with bigger questions: Is this car worth its premium pricing? How much more are you willing to shell out for that hybrid badge? And what will you really get for your money?

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