2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster Review

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Don’t try to make sense of the Aston Martin V-8 Vantage roadster. It’s impractical, a joke of a value, no more powerful than at least a dozen less-expensive sports cars, and the same ergonomic disaster it was before its 2012 (make that 2012.25,according to Aston) refresh. And yet we yearn for it.

Timeless Beauty

Go ahead and stare—everybody else does. Driving this car around Hollywood, where Bentleys and Jaguars and Ferraris are as common as Subarus in Seattle, onlookers gasp, point, fumble for their cameras, and probably commit at least two of the seven deadly sins by the time we pass. The flawless sheen of our test car’s Tungsten Silver metallic paint was a perfect match for the $6380 carbon-fiber body kit and $750 clear-lens taillamps that effectively turn the car into a Vantage S look-alike. Never mind that several of the V-8 Vantage’s competitors have gone through entire model generationsduring the seven years since the car first debuted at the 2005 Geneva auto show; the smallest Aston ragtop still flatters its occupants as only an Aston Martin can, especially with the slinky fabric top stowed beneath its faired tonneau.

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